My Bio

Versatile and very experienced, Eliza Winn is based in the “City of Angels”, Los Angeles, California. She has built a portfolio with quality work shot by many respected photographers and/or teams, and has been quite successful in molding herself to fit all aspects of the industry. 

This stunner is able to transform her look for niche, fashion, tattoo and men's lifestyle magazines, in addition to runway shows and acting roles with consistence and pleasure. FHM, Sullen (Sullen Angels), H2Ocean, Playboy, Inked Magazine (US/AUS/NZ), and Iron Fist Clothing are only some of the magazines and brands that Eliza has or continues to work with. She is frequently popping up in music videos and often she assists with wardrobe as well.

While growing up in Colorado, Eliza spent a lot of her time snowboarding and playing sports with her friends. She has always been successful in academics and was a competitive piano player as well, winning two International Concerto Competitions at a strikingly young age.

As she now lives in Southern California, Eliza is more of a beach and pool goer these days than a snow bunny. You may also find her jumping on a skateboard in Venice Beach or strolling around the shops on Melrose Avenue in LA. 

Now married to a musician, (guitarist Jake Kiley for the rock group Strung Out), Eliza loves traveling the world for both her own and her favorite bands’ tours.  Always thriving for more, she hopes to further her career in modeling and continue to break barriers with the “mold” of the girl next door.